Cybernetics and Romance

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About Klaus Høeck's writing

Since his debut in 1966, Klaus Høeck has almost non-stop written myriad poems about almost anything – from computer science to death, from mythology to ants, from romance to spaceships, from acid rock to chess. Cybernetics and romance go hand in hand, and it is all put into a system in an ingenious and astonishing way. Høeck simply belongs on the top shelf of 20th century Danish literature.

This book is the first attempt to embrace that vast body of writing from its inception to its tentative final publication. The book was written by ten literary researchers and a single fiction writer, who together give the reader a broad introduction to one of the most wonderful and fascinating phenomena in Danish literature.

Table of Contents
Cybernetics and romance. About Klaus Høeck's writing

Michael Kallesøe Schmidt:
Flat structure. Delusions in Høeck's early writing

Louise Pattern:
Trial balloon for a new poetry.
The science fiction poem by Høeck and in current Scandinavian poetry

Jan Rosiek:
A wreath of white rose petals.
Winter trip with Høecks Hölderlin

Marianne Stidsen:
The blindness of the philosophy of history.
Nature and existence at Høeck

Erik Skyum-Nielsen:
Høeck and four figures in English romanticism

Ida Dam Juutilainen:
Poetry's helmsman: "all in one osmosis all in one atom".
About Høeck's cybernetic poetry

Sara Nørholm:
The poetics of the forest.
About trees at Høeck and about Adventures

Dan Ringgaard:
It is everyday life in the poem.
Notes to Høeck's later and most recent poems

Peter Stein Larsen:
Technology, religion and poetics in Høeck's writing

Frederik Stjernfelt:
Gödel and Höeck.
The poetry of self-reference

Peter Stein Larsen:
The ecocritical turn in Høeck's writing.
A reading of Password

Morten Søndergaard:
Monologue for Høeck