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Manuscript submission
You are always welcome to submit nonfiction or fiction manuscripts.

Manuscripts are received per mail at manus(@)forlagetspring.dk. We ask that you include information about yourself and a description of the manuscript. Remember to also attach contact information (address, email and possibly telephone number).

Upon receipt of a manuscript, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received it. Normally, we endeavor to decide on further courses, if any. release in approximately 12 weeks.

Due to the overwhelming amount of fiction unsolicited manuscripts that we receive, we must regret that the response time is unfortunately currently significantly extended.

Peer review and procedures
The publisher Springs' procedure regarding peer review process before acceptance for publication of scientific publications.

The publisher's day-to-day scientific editing is handled by three professionally trained (in the humanities) publishing editors, as well as a large number of external specialist consultants.

All submitted manuscripts are initially assessed internally and, if found suitable, are sent for external anonymous peer review by one to two consultants with special professional expertise (domestic and international, at minimum PhD research level) in the field in question.

The author in question then adjusts/rewrites the script based on peer review and the publisher's instructions.

Finally, the prepared manuscript is subjected to a careful reading and proofreading – of course in relation to common proofreading errors – but in particular with a view to academic validity in relation to quotations, references, source indications etc.

The publishing house Spring is betting on:

• the highest professional level in scientific publications

• dissemination of science to a broad readership (especially through the journal SPRING, which is also peer reviewed according to the same guidelines as described above).

• scientific publications by and collaboration with researchers from the entire Danish research environment, especially within the humanities

• to initiate scientific publications through calls for researchers

• to initiate and contribute to the holding of scientific symposia, conferences etc. with subsequent publication

• visibility, dissemination and distribution of research publications worldwide – where again the journal, which is internationally known and recognized, paves the way for the dissemination of other publications

• simultaneous publication of physical book and e-book as well as continuous conversion of back catalog to e-book for easier access to the publications

• the highest quality of graphic organization of the script and cover as well as the highest quality of book craftsmanship

• targeted marketing

• collaboration with other publishers of the same caliber, particularly on a Nordic, but also international level.

The publishing house Spring has since 1992 published the scientific journal SPRING and since 1995 published scientific and fiction works.

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