The magazine SPRING no. 51

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Sophie Wennerscheid
From kippers to cabbage steak.
Changing food culture and new sense of place in
Malte Tellerups Markløs and Hedeselskabet

Erik Svendsen
'the spirit of pregnancy a thistle of smoke, a madness'.
Reflections on Olga Ravn's My work and
Tine Høeg's Hunger

Michael Kallesøe Schmidt and Svend Skriver
The poetics of the cold eye.
About Kim Leine's Valdemarsdag

Camilla Schwartz
The world ends with Miss Marple and Fanny Fiske.
The spinster detective as temporal drag

Jacob Bøggild
Always crashing in the same car.
About paratext, intertextuality, fictionality, uncanniness
and loss of aura in Madame Nielsen's The Monster

Claus Elholm Andersen
Asta la vista
Gimmick and Tine Høeg's Tour de Chambre

Lotte Thyring Andersen
Birds, reality and poetry
with Wallace Stevens and Jørgen Gustava Brandt

Martin Rohr Gregersen
Everything must be included.
About Klaus Høeck's poetic carrier bags

Jan Rosiek
Aage Henriksen

Bo Hakon Jørgensen
About Aage Henriksen.
"The method that was not allowed to be a method"

Jorgen Haugan
Aage Henriksen's groundbreaking reading of Henrik Ibsen

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