The journal SPRING no. 49

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Nicklas Freisleben Lund, Mathies Græsborg Aarhus, Johanne Gormsen Schmidt, Anne-Marie Mai, Camilla Schwartz, Lars Handesten & Jon Helt Harder
The muse of the pandemic
About the Danish corona poem, 2020-2021

Erik Svendsen
Do you know the type? – now also as literature
About Kristian Bang Foss's novel Frank returns home

Karen Fjordside Pontoppidan
What is (good) literature?
About the complex ecocritical aesthetics in Theis Ørntoft's novel Solar

Erik Skyum-Nielsen & Anne-Marie Mai
A living tradition
Younger writers' lives with the Danish song treasure in the new edition of the High School Songbook

Troels Hughes Hansen
Blurred boundaries
An ecocritical reading of Solvej Balle's "§ 1"

Camilla Schwartz
Toxic masculinity, broken repair and class journey
About Carl Frode Tiller's beginnings and Glenn Bech's Farskibet

John Chr. Jorgensen
Rif versus Tom

Asger Schnack

Aage Jorgensen
Finn Stein Larsen – dedications, patterns, models

Jon Helt Haarder
The egg house
A kind of review of Søren Ulrik Thomsen's Store Kongensgade 23

Sune Auken
Genre labels and genre usage in Søren Ulrik Thomsen's writing

Erik Skyum-Nielsen
A markedly changed authorship
Anniversary reflections on Søren Ulrik Thomsen's practice and poetics

Svend Skriver
The meaning of the hairpin
Hermeneutic reflections on
Søren Ulrik Thomsens A hairpin stuck behind the panel

Lotte Thrane
Passion and science
About Lorenz Frølich's struggle with colours

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