Marianne Barlyng (red.) & Anders Ehlers Dam (gæstered.)

The journal SPRING no. 48

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Anders Ehlers Dam
Snapshots from 1920

Marianne Barlyng
For a picture of Gerda Wegener

Elsebeth Aasted Schanz
Censorship or common sense?
Voting posters from the boundary change in 1920

Lea Allouche
Every time for the first time
Astrid Noack travels to Paris

Peter Stein Larsen
A poet of European dimensions?
A reading and quality discussion of Emil Bønnelycke's Street Legend

Torben Jelsbak
The ridiculous revolution
Tom Kristensen's literary debut Fribytterdrømme

Johnny Kondrup
No way back
Jacob Paludan's critique of modernity

Bodil Marie Thomsen
To give the film a face, to unmask the gender
about Die Asta and Hamlet

Jens Lohfert Jørgensen
Psychoanalysis is coming to Denmark

Ivy York Möller-Christensen
"I am sitting on your behalf..."
The poet Harald Bergstedt's path to Nazism

Ulrik Lehrmann
The world moment and the texture of modernity

Anne-Marie May
On fire!
Karin Michaëlis' and Béla Balázs' diary novel, 30 Dages Laan

Markus Floris Christensen
Expressionism and Dionysian fear of life in Svend Borberg's Ingen

Jon Helt Haarder
Anyone who appears before an audience, he stands in a theater and must juggle
Into the wild with Henrik Pontoppidan's A Winter Journey

Lars Handesten
Popular novels of the year 1920

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