The journal SPRING no. 37

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Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg
The nuclear family as a phantom or as the norm
Family patterns in Scandinavian literary late modernity, with
focus on Yahya Hassan, Lone Aburas, Lars Frost and Pablo Llambías

Torben Jelsbak & Hans Ulrik Rosengaard
and other aesthetic survival strategies by Kim Leine,
Yahya Hassan and Asta Olivia Nordenhof

Jens Kramshøj Flinker
The devil's family - the devil's competition
Ideologically critical analyzes of the family in contemporary Danish literature

Erik Svendsen
Family pictures, sociology and new Danish prose

Hans Ulrik Rosengaard
Privacy and self-description

Inger Christensen
"Black Wind" (1960)

Erik Skyum-Nielsen
Bittersweet eros put into system
A reading of Inger Christensen's poem "Black Wind" (1960)

Lars Handesten
99% literature
Towards a new literary historiography

Jacob Ølgaard Nyboe
Madsen and the mathematical sublime

Erik Skyum-Nielsen
Shamelessness and guilt with Bent Vinn Nielsen

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