The journal SPRING no. 34

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Ursula Andkjær Olsen
The FUCKING return of the subject
Thrown back on the voice, the small, sultry organ

Stefan Kjerkegaard
The poetry of the 3rd millennium
Politics, beginnings and musicality in Ursula Andkjær Olsen's writing

Marianne Stidsen
Out of the closet
Identity ballad in Niels Frank's early and late poetry

Dea Storm Mikkelsen
Like a look that slips into a look
Readings of new Danish poetry in the field between formalism and performativity

Mads Jensen
The quiet avant-garde A presentation of Martin Larsen's Swan Lake Sonnets

Marianne Ølholm
Experiment and context in Danish contemporary poetry

Sune Auken and Svend Skriver
That not even the ghosts dared to spend the night Søren Ulrik Thomsen's Shaken mirror in an author's perspective

René Rasmussen
Lyricism and subjectivity
What kind of subjectivity?

Erik Skyum-Nielsen
Poetry analysis and poetry politics
about Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Ursula Andkjær Olsen, as read by Peter Stein Larsen

Peter Stein Larsen
Contemporary poetry in literary history Five principles from Dreams and dialogues

Rasmus Dahl Vest
Agrarian poetry
about Kristen Bjørnkjær's oral book

Christina Pape Hansen
When art buries itself
about Das Beckwerk's Funus Imaginarium

Jacob Michael Larsen
In a carefree state of trauma
Peter Seeberg's "The Patient" reread as a philosophical tale

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