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This book presents 18 original works of art in the form of graphic scores of compositions.

The musical works are being conveyed without sound and as a reader, one can then create for herself a conception about the works and can maybe even hear, with her inner ear, how they might sound.
At the same time, the graphic scores contain instructive suggestions about how the pieces can be played. It is therefore possible for the reader with some measure of knowledge about music to perform the musical works her on the basis of the scores.
The graphically noted compositions can both be perceived as music and as visual art: on the one hand, they provide instructions to the musicians about what they are supposed to play in order to perform the compositions and on the other hand, they are silent, visual narratives that initiate an understanding of the composer’s musical and artistic intentions.

“her latest graphic notation project, 18 Compositions […] Toxvaerd is a fascinating and sometimes theatrical player, who can coax a big, bracing sound on alto, but who savors space and nuance, and the Abert Ayler-esque effect of funneling melodic motifs through an overtone-sculpting, flinty tone” – Josef Woodard, DownBeat

“Laura Toxværd’s 18 Compositions […] is the product of great thought refracted through a fabulous, rough-hewn sound and multi-spatial approach” – Andrey Henkin, The New York City Jazz Record