Inside out

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Vrangvendt has its focal point in an anorexic self with a pent-up sadness and anger that does not go away.

Lotus Gregers struggled with anorexia from the ages of 12-24. She is healthy today and is able to put into words here her feelings and what she herself describes as the way of abusing herself by using her body as her armor, as her communicative platform.

Through a metaphorical chain of pearls, the author tries to visualize a "non-existent" body, a distorted mind and a disease that eats you up from the inside. All the ugly, all that has hurt so much (the anger, the sadness, the emotions) is tried to be opened up through words and is made alive in order to be able to see all the beauty in the ugly.

The collection of poems is not a call, but a message. There is enormous pressure on the modern body, a pressure that only worsens with time, and young people often have a completely distorted image of their body and how it should look.

"The woman's body is empty
is a skeleton clutched by patches of flesh,
pieces of meat disguised with down

Down on duckling

The blood vessels lie as branches,
as pouches under the skin,
they manifest themselves as flesh in intestines,
have the same shape,
same longing to get out

The woman twists words,
twists itself
she's upside down"