Winter has come

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Winter has come - An immersion book for Game of Thrones fans.

Winter has come is about the first seven seasons of the TV series Game of Thrones and thus follows the series right up to the final season in 2019.

The winter has come contains an in-depth analysis of the plot and course of action in the series. It takes a closer look at how Game of Thrones in an original way builds a bridge between the fantasy genre with its associated supernatural events, fire-breathing dragons and apocalyptic white walkers and a series of issues of a political and existential nature that have occupied philosophers and writers from ancient times to the present. day. Themes such as power, gender and religion are also subjected to in-depth investigation, as well as an in-depth analysis of the TV series' key characters such as the power strategist Tyrion Lannister, the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen, the conflict mediator Jon Snow, the 'seer' Bran Stark and the unscrupulous Cersei Lannister.

Winter has come is written in an entertaining and easily accessible language and is a must for anyone who wants to be armed to the teeth with knowledge and overview when the final season 8 comes to light on the screen and the battle for who will sit on the Iron Throne will be decided.

“The book is extremely accessible to everyone. (...) Steen Beck's review is so competent that everyone can really join in. (...) Fabulous for just getting the big picture and getting ready for the new season. (…) It gets my absolute warmest recommendation.” - Arne Larsen, Literature page