The journal SPRING no. 31-32

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Henrik Skov Nielsen Fiction, fictionality and unnatural stories

Rolf Reitan The rhetoric of Fictionality: Introduction to Richard Walsh

Louise Brix Jacobsen Fiction biographicalism. Perception and fictionalization.

Mette Pedersen Høeg Conflicting fictional worlds.
Reality, fiction and illusion in The Usual Suspects and Shutter Island

René Rasmussen Fictionality and transparency

Stefan Iversen Exception conditions.
Metarepresentation, scope syntax and the Suicide Action

Gorm Larsen Nature and unnature in narratology

Mads Sohl Jessen Kierkegaard's mask play.
A trace of polemic against Heiberg in Either - or

Rikke Andersen Kraglund Reference hell
On the intertextuality in Jan Kjærstad's Wergeland trilogy

Klaus Nielsen "Those who laugh haven't understood a damn thing".
About Gitte's monologues and Højholt's use of metalepsis

Erik Skyum-Nielsen Renewal of the story?
Klaus Rifbjerg and Per Højholt as short prose writers

Stefan Kjerkegaard Author, fictionalization and the new recipient culture.
The launch of Jonas Hassen Khemiris Montecore, A unique Tiger

Poul Behrendt Autonarration as a Scandinavian novum.
Karl Ove Knausgård, Anti-Proust and the Presence Effect.