The journal SPRING no. 30

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Small, small places

Merete Pryds Helle Views on my writing

Bo Reinholdt Section Utopian microfields in European painting

Anne Birgitte Richard Frihed Memories: Commencement lecture
Lars Vegas Pictures

Erik Svendsen Existential Research Biopolitics, the naked life and Naja Marie Aidt's Baboon

Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg Macro or micro utopias? Three literary strategies towards utopia (Foss, Frost, Skinnebach)

Lilian Munk Rösing Saving utopia from the catastrophe of history about utopia, eutopia and atopy at Moestrup and the Olsen sisters

René Rasmussen Utopias in a society where there is no alternative About Nørup-Nielsen and Skinnebach
Mads Thorbjørn Utopian elements in Ursula Andkjær Olsen's sea is a scene

Søren Rathje Utopias are images of death Conversation with Ursula Andkjær Olsen

Dag Heede To the death you unite Thanatological male utopias in Sigurd Mathiesen's early writing

Martin Glaz Serup Marken - excerpt

Poul Behrendt The jury's veto – a book story about the hidden paradigm during the declassification of "The Ship's Boy's Tale" in the American editions of Isak Dinesen: Winter's Tales

Svend Skriver Pontoppidan in the classroom Professional didactic analyzes of Night Watch and "Naadsensbrød"

Sune Auken Christian Winther in the Danish auction house