The journal SPRING no. 29

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Marianne Barlyng: Human dignity, reconsidered

Lilian Munk Rösing: Cynicism and love

Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg: Notes between law and instinct

René Rasmussen: The return of the subject and the grimaces of reality

Jacob Bøggild: Chaos reigns

Alexander Carnera: Discomfort as resistance

Lars Bukdahl: To be or not to be a phone book

Bo Reinholdt: The visual circle of the heart

Lotte Thyrring Andersen: The infinite wrestling

Claus Esmann Andersen: "The greatest sadness in the world here"

Bergur Rønne Moberg: Challenge from the fringes

Stefan Kjerkegaard: Modernist moderation

Susanne Kemp: In the poetic fast lane