The journal SPRING no. 27

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ELSE MARIE BUKDAHL The Fatalist Jacques. The law of transformation and the unpredictable journeys

LARS HANDESTEN The Danish European about Jens Baggesen's Labyrinth

PER ØHRGAARD ​​The journey in Goethe's Faust

JENS BRINCKER Schubert's Winterreise between Biedermeier and Vormärz

RIGMOR KAPPEL SCHMIDT With enthusiasm as fuel the extraordinary journey in Jules Verne's writing

BO HAKON JØRGENSEN Claussen's travel poems or "victorious sees his Image in the Universe"
FRITS ANDERSEN Role models travel on the edge of Europe

SVEND ERIK LARSEN The repetition of tradition Travel and art in Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde

LARS KIILERICH LAUSTSEN The journey to Davos The mythical journey in Thomas Mann's novel Tolddomsbjerget

HENNING GOLDBÆK Hermann Broch's novels and the mythical journey beyond language

MARIANNE PING HUANG Alexandria: diverse and abandoned by time Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet

SØREN FRANK Itineraries in Günter Grass's Danzig trilogy

HELLE WIND POULSEN The return of experience About the journey as a means of establishing a modern concept of experience in WG Sebald's novel Austerlitz

ANNELISE BALLEGAARD ​​PETERSEN Travel and return patterns

HENNING GOLDBÆK Istanbul as waiting room Orhan Pamuk between mysticism and modern cultural awareness