The journal SPRING no. 2

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Per Højholt: "Presence and clarity. Point of view on my writing."
Per Stounbjerg: "The big city, Bergenshanen and the slide. About Emil Bønnelycke's Wealth of Poverty."
Finn Klysner: "Between fascination and horror. The city in expressionistic lighting."
Thorkild Bjørnvig: "Meetings with the city."
Peter Allingham: "The massive hollowness. From Herman Bang to Michael Strunge."
Claus Bagge Pedersen: "The moment. About Klaus Høeck's Canzone."
Erik Svendsen: "The gaze of the city. On trends in recent Danish literature."
Birthe Haarder: "In the world of dwarfs. About Jens Martin Eriksen's writing."
Steen Beck and Peter Allingham: "Realism is a way of creating a pattern. Interview with Kirsten Thorup."
Birgitte Rasmussen Hornbek: "The centrifugal force."
Per Højholt: "Two poems."
Bent Haugaard Jeppesen: "Storbykværn and knuckle waltz. Two early prose pieces by Johannes V. Jensen."
Ole Egeberg: "The inner city."
Henrik Dahl Jensen: "Telling the city. An Aarhus story."
Svend Erik Larsen: "The zoo - round trip."
Jørgen Sørensen: "Asfaltrotte and the sunken Atlantis"