Thor's chamber

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The life-threatening photographer Thora tells about her observations of the city and the people around the year 1900, as she sees it through the window and the lens, blurred by ether and alcohol vapors from the photographic process.

“It hesitated over under the lamp. The back. Obsession of my life. But turning around? Never! Black as cellar darkness and yet only a line in the air. Thin man, thin man butcher knife. Stop madness! Oh, God, blow my anxiety to hell! Why me? The thought is a strolling, punctual obsession that organizes the day and the way for me. It is there on the spot every night. Or nonsense: it disappears and never comes back. Except that the next night does the same. Disappears without returning. So it returns home without doing so. Help! I have gone mad!”

The novel is delivered incl. CD audiobook where Bo Reinholdt himself reads.