The numerous

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This novel is about Danes in Denmark and abroad. It takes place in the center and periphery of the 20th century, and its protagonists try to edge past each other in the empires and countries of the great statesmen without losing face. The narrator is never alone at home, he resembles a bee looking for its swarm, and since he knows it swarms for old woodwork, he often travels with the Sydbanen and other vintage trains, which quickly gain wings and become Zeppelins, Storks and spaceships. Along the way he meets flame shirts, Grace Slick, Maurice Chevalier and Yeni Bulut. The novel ends as it began, with the capital A, which the mouth prepares to say, but never gets to say, once you sit in the dentist's chair and end up building a bridge from Hvidovre over the Germany of a thousand tongues to the rest of the world, right from The scaffolding bank for the seven hills of Rome and Istanbul, the gold-mining cities of America and Canada, and the Young Turks begin to crack the tulip pattern of Iznik porcelain.