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Large format is a study of recent Danish works which explicitly and manifestly combine words and images in one and the same book - so-called combination works. It is thus a cross-aesthetic study that combines theoretically and analytically an interest in literature and visual arts. The book includes analyzes of Hanegal by JM Martin and Jørgen Nash, Provinces by Per Højholt, Poems? and Rip even by Vagn Steen, Jantzen's summer by Ole Sarvig and Sys Hindsbo, Stranden by Klaus Rifbjerg and Povl Winther, Weapon with wings by Michael Strunge and Lars Nørgaard as well as Pist protta by i.a. Pablo Henrik Llambías and Kaspar Kaum Bonnén. These works are related to the theory formation New Art History and are put into perspective for the discussion about the extended concept of work, which has been relevant since the beginning of the 20th century, but has never really been related to Danish literature, Danish authors or the subject area of ​​Danish subjects in the education system.