Still images for a rebellion

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Still Images for a Rebellion is a poetic and visually multitracked work from one of our most experimental, uncompromising poets.

The poems are concentrated, the images powerful, the tone uncompromising and skinless. The motifs in the lyrics change between the political, the personal, the dreamy and the universal. The voices of the poems "send" from several heights and angles in turn, like a chorus of witnesses interpreting our times.

An additional trace is made up of the book's photographs, which are both a counterpoint to the texts, and independent: images as poems. It is still possible to enter into a dialogue with nature (not least in the photographs). The culture makes a silent noise. A sustained rebellion is required. and the rebellion presupposes its quiet point, the outlet, an image of silence.

"tell me

and I accept the unfinished
in a mixed hand
the fine the coarse the always real
which burns behind the eyelids
the completed or the destroyed scenes
the ties to you and yours
tell me"

"Lene Henningsen is still an original and fascinating lyricist (…) completely her own with an original style and a remarkable visionary power."
★★★★★ Peter Stein Larsen, Kristeligt Dagblad.