Small explosions

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Letters from Josef to Cecilie, which seem like continuations of just had, profound conversations between two young people in love.

"Dear Cecilie. You received a bag as a christening gift. You blow it up, breathe in and repeat. In some positions my skin is stretched out, it feels like an explosion and I'm hot inside. My surface does not feel warm, because you are not allowed to touch me there. Then the fear of death comes to me. Bubbles are born from the mouth and seek upwards in quivering lines. Even I am allowed to give birth to them, even though I am both a man and Joseph. The food passage from lungs to airy continues until every capillary is dried up and you are a vacuum. That our hair floats in water is a natural law. The laws of nature are unwritten until you write them down. You can only bubble in water. I've seen people die from having diving in their blood. Your Joseph.”