Anne Elisabeth Sejten (Red.)

Garbage - Counter-images of the climate crisis

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A rattle is an instrument that, with its noisy, cracking sound, reminds us of the seriousness of the climate crisis. Here real garbage and waste piles up as the waste products of societal processes. The rich countries may be able to export garbage and waste, but the displaced material soon returns, also as cultural signs. Garbage becomes garbage that makes noise.

Garbage. The counter-images of the climate crisis explore the stories of waste. In literature, art and the media, counter-images are formed that push our understanding of reality. Art and aesthetic thinking can feed both criticism of civilization and hope for change. This complexity unfolds when the book's authors analyze films, videos and novels. All at once, a terrifying landfill in Africa, plastic waste in the oceans, the figure of the trash in French art and post-colonial narratives provide a basis for seeing waste problems as the displaced remains of culture.

Garbage is written by:
Anne Elisabeth Sejten
Charlotte Engberg
Louise Yung Nielsen
Anne-Sophie Bogetoft Mortensen
Erik Svendsen

and edited by
Anne Elisabeth Sejten