The shipwrecked

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The shipwreck and other tales of immortality

A mansling, a magical marionette, a bearded dancer and the shaman's winged assistant are a selection from the gallery of characters in 9 fantastic tales, mostly set in Asia.

The stories thematize dissolution and transformation, death and immortality. The unsettling reality often balances on the edge of a magical universe steeped in myth and superstition – and mixes the legends of the East with the fairy tales of the West.

These are stories about people who are all shipwrecked in their own way.

Kira Dreyer Messell is a Danish writer, living in Berlin, Germany. She has previously taught language, literature and history in both Berlin and Kuala Lumpur. Until 2013, she lived for five years in Malaysia, where she wrote a collection of fantas...

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