As close to life as possible

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Perspectives on Karl Ove Knausgård's "My Struggle"

Karl Ove Knausgård's My Struggle (2008-2011) is one of the most important Nordic literary works for decades. Yes, the six-volume work has even become a phenomenon in large parts of the world and Knausgård has long since been inscribed in the contemporary canon of great, living writers.

As close to life as possible is the first comprehensive academic presentation with interpretations of the six-volume work. The anthology consists of 13 articles written by Knausgård researchers mainly from the Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland – but also from Germany, the Netherlands, England and the USA. The individual articles deal with different aspects of Knausgård's six-volume work, but collectively offer a greater understanding of what kind of work Min kamp is and what it is that has enchanted readers in most of the world.

"What is it (...) they are concerned with, the thirteen article authors in As close to life as possible? In other words, all the contributions have in common that they make you want to read Min kamp again. This is not least because parts of the work now appear to be much more advanced than the immediate reception could give the impression of.(...) As close to life as possible is a publication that will certainly be met with great interest by students, researchers and Knausgård enthusiasts. status indicates that we have more research and more books in store." Anne Prinos, Aftenposten.