redigeret af Elena Ansótegui, Clara Albek, & Martin Zerlang


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Author • Photographer • Movie man

"Read this stutter, dammit, and learn!" With those words, Gabriel García Márquez received a small package of books from his friend and colleague Álvaro Mutis. The book package contained one of the smallest but most significant works of writing in Latin American literature: the novel Pedro Páramo and the short story collection Sletten brender - written by the Mexican Juan Rulfo.

Added to Rulfo's writing was a continuous production of photographs, which, according to Susan Sontag, made him "the best photographer I know from Latin America." And to the photographs were added various forms of business within the Mexican film industry.

The present book provides introductions to the authorship, a description of the photographic work and an overview of the film work, combined with perspectives for readings of current Mexico as well as readings in other corners of the world. Dare we say: Read about this stutter, dammit, and learn!


Carlos Pujalte Pineiro

Elena Ansótegui and Martin Zerlang


Martin Zerlang
Juan Rulfo – A life in pieces

Iván Villarmea Alvarez
Rulfo as historian


Elena Ansotegui
Do you remember

Martin Zerlang
Ruins in Luvina

Clara Albeck
When the spiritual world is colonized

Martin Zerlang
Between repression and remembrance


Jan Gusstafsson
Poetry without words - the photographer Juan Rulfo

Rosa Camero
Juan Rulfo and the film

Martin Zerlang
With camera, by train, by car


Elena Ansotegui
I wrote Pedro Páramo because I wanted to read it

Lean Pejtersen
'If it had rained, I might have thought otherwise'

Marianna Hoydal
Mexican echoes on the far coast