Real children don't grow up in passing

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The book examines how we navigate between the many voices that constantly tell us how to live. Voices from the media, authorities and other authorities.

The texts all have titles from media: weekly magazines, TV programmes, newspapers, trade magazines etc. and the lyrics are polyphonic - the different voices interrupt each other continuously and slide in and out of each other in a long flow.

"real children get help with their homework every afternoon
they don't eat processed ready meals and aren't sent to the playground while mom grabs a beer in the hammock
there are DVDs in the back seat because we can wait in line for a long time in Germany with no toilet nearby
rambling soliloquies between the beech trees don't boil eggs too long

real children don't grow up in passing
they don't bother about candy and don't get sick at inappropriate times
real children have bright freckles and a new little healthy surprise every single day in the lunchbox
real children don't cry silently under the bed"