The rhetoric of the poem

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The poem's rhetoric is about the change in modern poetry that took off from the mid-19th century with Baudelaire in France and Whitman in the United States. From this
At that point, the norm for poetry became a clash between a number of handed down poetic norms and the intention to break down these norms. This contradictory aesthetic is not only expressed in the poem's relationship to genres, forms, rhythm, sound, imagery and enunciation, but also in its relationship to society, the author, nature, gender, arts and media.

The poem's rhetoric is an introduction to modern world poetry, and examines how the many different aspects of poetry together contribute to the formation of an aesthetic whole. It is shown how the contradictory aesthetics of the modern poem have spread to all parts of the world. In the book, more than 100 poets from 5 continents and over 30 countries are read and discussed.

The poem's rhetoric can be used as a study book at all higher education levels and can be read by anyone with an interest in the wonderful world of poetry.