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Prestø and surroundings

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History - Nature - Culture

This book covers the history of Præstø and the surrounding area from the oldest times we know of right up to our own present day. From exciting insights into the changes in nature to a dive into fiction's depictions of Præstø and its surroundings, the book contains a passionate and professionally skilled storytelling about all the elements that create the very special town that Præstø is today, and also when it was barely a town .

Changing social and living conditions in Præstø and the surrounding area for approximately 700 years, the long history of nature and the traces of the lives of the earliest people here in the area, Præstø in the Middle Ages and the church history of the area from that time to the present, as well as the history of the school for well over 200 years, are just some of the the book's contributors provide the reader with deep as well as broad cross-sections. And for the first time, you also get a detailed depiction of the women's history and an insight into the local, nationally important cultural and artistic milieu that Christine and Hendrik Stampe on Nysø built in the 1800s.

Prestø and its surroundings are the result of the work of 23 people. All with solid professional knowledge of their subject and the freedom to write as best suits their subject and richly illustrated with historical and artistic images that reflect Præstø's unique atmosphere.