Poetic scores

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A portrait of Pia Tafdrup's writing

Pia Tafdrup is one of Denmark's greatest poets. For more than 40 years, she has been one of the most honored and significant voices in Danish poetry, alongside developing herself as an essayist, novelist and playwright.
This book is the first attempt to embrace and understand the authorship in all its breadth and depth, while it is still in rapid development. From the debut in 1981 to the recent five-volume work on the human senses, completed in 2022, the book's 17 contributors take the reader on a chronological journey through Tafdrup's diversity of 'poetic scores'.

Neal Ashley Conrad Thing
Eva Pohl
Jacob Bøggild
Anne Middelboe Christensen
Anchor Gemzøe
Tina Bach
Marianne Barlyng
Hans Ulrik Rosengaard
Rasmus Schultz Lorensen
Michael Kallesøe Schmidt
Emilie Dybdal
Johanne Gormsen Schmidt
Erik Skyum-Nielsen
Anne-Marie May
Ida Theilgaard and Tobias Skiveren
Erik Svendsen
Peter Stein Larsen