Otto and Louise

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Novel by Hanne Richardt Beck

Otto is a tailor and travels in 1912 from Ebeltoft to America to, like hundreds of thousands of others, seek happiness.

Louise is a second-generation American with Danish roots. She is a chiropractor and divorced.

Otto and Louise meet in Salt Lake City, and soon they are married and on their way to a shared life. They settle in San Francisco, the city buzzing with activity and expansion, but life is uncertain - in the background the First World War rages, the Spanish flu appears, and you easily fall into the clutches of people who want to exploit the immigrant's fragility.

Otto and Louise is a novel about two people's attempts to create a livelihood in a time characterized by big dreams and great uncertainty. The past in the old country does not let go of Otto so easily, and Louise struggles with her own inner darkness.

Will the two succeed in finding themselves and their love for each other?

Jyllands Posten wrote
"Convincing historical novel about the difficulty of finding an easy life in America during the interwar period. The realism of the narrative wins" ★★ ★★

The press wrote about previous publications:

on Unforeseen events :

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ”terrific crime and women's novel ... with colossal mood and energy ... About the Soul. About Man. But above all about Culture's Eye, which constantly blinks nervously" Politiken

★★★ ★★ "Insightful novel ... It is a well-written and thoughtful story" Kristeligt Dagblad

★★ ★★ “elementally exciting ... surprising and absolutely thought-provoking ... three women's personal problems are seen both up close and in the light of the general fear of terror and pandemics ... finely and vibrating parallels between the anxiety on the individual level and globally seen"
Berlingske Tidende

about At the end of the platform :

♥♥♥♥♥ "Hanne Richard Beck's enormous period novel is an excellent and deeply interesting read ... a snapshot of a rapidly changing Denmark" Politiken

★★★ ★★ "clever story about tackling the difficult life and oneself ... vivid images of the times, which brilliantly capture the funny, gloomy, ridiculous, dangerous and beautiful tendencies of the zeitgeist" Dagbladenes Bureau

"a treat ... original connection of love story and description of society in Hanne Richardt Beck's best book to date" Weekendavisen

Hanne Richardt Beck was born in 1959.

She debuted with the novel De brune øjne, Arthur in 1993 and broke through with the novel Om so det gelder (2007), which takes place in Den...

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