And the ship sails

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And the ship sails is the story of Tom Singer, who finds himself in a chaotic and existential void. Contrary to his own expectations, he gets a position as a job analyst in the state insurance institution - a new and popular place. Here, however, he has difficulty coming to terms with modern working life and its peculiar rhetoric and management path; Tom is demoted and forced to search his life for the answer to whether the world he meets is cursed and his isolated life a paradise or vice versa. Just as Tom senses an opening, his resilience and self-respect are put to the ultimate test...

In a tragicomic way, the novel depicts a modern working life where human actions take place in a game show - an anxiety-ridden performance theater of exposure, lies and games. Faced with the age of smoothness in which we live, the book presents human striving as poignant and perhaps meaningful in all its abysmal comedy.