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MUTE is a story about a man and a woman and two children, their two children.

MUTE is a story about the man's and woman's thoughts and communication.

MUTE is a story in six stages over six days.

MUTE is an everyday story.

MUTE is Richard and Benedikte and Dylan and Ditte.

MUTE is possibly an enigma.

"The whole body buzzes, he sits up, a little too abruptly, it sloshes in the chest, in the stomach, the taste of old garlic and vinegar, damn it, there is no toilet in this cabin. Having to get dressed first is unmanageable. The sheet is crumpled to one side and the mattress sticks oddly against the skin. The children are shouting in the living room, they are arguing about something or other, it is hard to hear what it is, because their voices become completely shrill and slip into each other's. In a few years, when Dylan's voice goes into transition, it can't happen anymore. Benedikte is lying under the pillow, I wonder if she has fallen asleep again, or is it the light that is..."