The body that remained on the ground

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The Nietzsche reception in the Nordic countries

The body that remained on the ground is placed in the intended extension of Harald Beyer's comprehensive work Nietzsche and the North - a pioneering work , in relation to which the 14 contributions presented here must be considered as an update and further reflection. The intention is to create an up-to-date elucidation and discussion of the reception and processing of Nietzsche's philosophy in the Nordic countries, as well as to ask the question going forward, whether the processing of Nietzsche and his provocative ideas, including the controversial idea of ​​the superman, has been taken to the bottom at all.

The book asks whether one can with the same right recognize the impossibility of a comprehensive confrontation and instead think that we probably never can or should finish taking consequences from Nietzsche. Hence the book's title: The body that remained on the ground.


by Erik Skyum-Nielsen

Nietzsche as educator
by Lars-Henrik Schmidt

Nietzsche as fin-de-siècle thinker
by Jørgen Hass

Georg Brandes's Nietzsche
From the lectures to the printed versions
by Per Dahl

Nietzsche and decadence in the Nordics
by Trond Berg Eriksen

Denmark's first welfare debate
With Friederich Nietzsche as the occasion
by Lasse Horne Kjældgaard

The decadent Axel Borg On the Nietzschean element in Strindberg's novel I havsbandet
by Tobias Dahlkvist

The evil strife of life Silenic wisdom in Henrik Pontoppidan's novel De Dødes Rige
by Rasmus Vangshardt

Zarathustra of the North
Knut Hamsun's path to the parnasset
by Jørgen Haugan

The Norwegian Dionysus
Knut Hamsun in Copenhagen
by Anders Ehlers Dam

Nietzsche's impact on Henrik Ibsen in Hedda Gabler, Bygmester Solness and John Gabriel Borkman
by Astrid Sæther

The inhuman and Homeric laughter of Karen Blixen
by Charlotte Engberg

The tragic passion of the mind
Bjørnvig's Nietzsche
by Jan Rosiek

Nietzsche among Faroese fiddlers
William Heinesen's magister Mortensen as a North Atlantic corrective to Nietzsche
by Bergur Rønne Moberg

Nietzsche's individualism
and Peter Seeberg's contribution to the Danish Nietzsche reception
by Anders Juhl Rasmussen