Erik Skyum Nielsen & Niels D. Lund (red.)

Desire to read and itch to write

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Danish cultural journalism and literary history
Released January 15. Can be pre-ordered.

A desire to read and an itch to write seeks, with a total of 24 contributions, to take the temperature of the literature subject today. Here, a number of researchers - most of them with many years of experience behind them - offer sharp point analyzes or small development stories within various fields of literature: authorship, genres, criticism and history of criticism. Not least literary criticism and its challenged position must invoke current interest.

A love of reading is a good thing when dealing with literature. Writing itch can be similar, especially for the professionals; not everyone has it to the same extent, and some too much, but in expert and restrained form it is most often beneficial for others' desire for reading and literature.

University associate professor and literary critic John Chr. Jørgensen is one of the Danish professionals who has particularly lived out these desires with his knowledgeable and restrained itch and thus inspired others to do the same. This broad and multifaceted effort over more than 50 years, which has left its mark in the field of literary history and cultural journalism, deserves a mark and recognition. The book is therefore dedicated to his entire professional work.