Kate Fleuron

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The resistance fight became her destiny. Once she got into it, she couldn't get out again. She participated in it for the rest of her life. And she continued to idealize it, writes John Chr. Jørgensen in this book about the journalist and freedom fighter Kate Fleron (1909-2006).

When the Germans occupied Denmark, the 30-year-old Kate Fleron was a leading conservative journalist who wrote about health conditions in Nationaltidende. When the occupation ended five years later, Kate Fleron had become politically radicalized to the extent that many considered her to be a communist. The involvement in the illegal press – and a seven-month stay in Vestre Fængsel and Frøslevlejren – had left its mark on her. But her journalistic reputation had grown. She was now editor of the magazine Frit Danmark. And she had met the love of her life.

About what preceded and what followed, John Chr. Jørgensen in this book, which is based on analyzes of press material, including two libel cases, and on interviews and letters.

The letters show that behind the official image of Kate Fleron as a steely and brilliant political writer, a sometimes insecure person hid. But she chose to keep that to herself. "My doubts I remain silent," she wrote in a letter.

Kate Fleron belongs to the queenly ranks of Danish journalism. In this book, you can follow her career through all the vicissitudes.