No one can see us from behind

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No one can see us from behind is at once sarcastic, affectionately ironic and humorous poetic portraits of a number of characteristics of late modern man in the competitive state. These are poems about power relations in our language and between people.

The texts in Ingen gan gan os us from the back examine power and powerlessness – they are divided into four sections:

• Delimiter – about personality tests, shadows and the urge to define each other.
• Performance – about actions that consist of words.
• Scared of the bitch - about trolling, online debates and other forms of verbal exchange.
• Trifles – about trivialization and invisibility.

and I ask
what is the opposite of olive?
But you're too busy
with giving birth to answer
you simulate your contractions
besides the floor
and I think
on the sanding machine we rented
on erasing traces
the pavement is smooth and disappears
under the body that is not there at all
weightless but sinks to the bottom
it's old fashioned
to talk about ferries