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Malaise is more political than Correction.

Unwellness is a spiral that examines what we as humans are made of. It starts all the way inside the body, with the physical, then it moves further into the head / psyche, then out into the family and immediate environment and then out into the bigger things, the metaphysical (spirit), research and development (knowledge), society and all the negotiations we enter into with other people constantly in order to survive – (politics) and finally, the creative excess and expression, art which I have put as the extreme of all these links.

They are not closed circles, but precisely a spiral that is not sharply divided from one stage to another, but slides into each other and mixes.

At the same time, there is an alphabet system throughout the text, because we also need systems and structures in life and maybe sometimes follow systems we don't need, which do not benefit us, but other times manage to create our structures/systems ourselves - rules we even creators are not as burdensome as those we submit to.