Horsen's afterbeat

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Short stories

The author Peter Christensen Teilmann, himself born and raised in Horsens, has just published a collection of network stories under the title Horsens afterbeat. Horsen's afterbeat is shorter or longer, often anecdotally pointed stories - told sometimes subtly, sometimes with humor, sometimes with gross sarcasm and social satire, but always without fully exposing taboos and tragedies - about interconnected places, situations and destinies across social divides and generation gaps in Horsens and further out into the world in the period approx. 1930-2009.

Horsen's afterbeat is at once deeply personal and completely universal. The stories are probably about times and types, about losses and tragedies, but just as much about how people and societies at different times manage and transform such things. Time is in many ways the book's underlying main character, it is the one that penetrates everything and transforms the place's ties to the place's spirit and elevates destinies and situations in a different, at once more serious and more comical light. Some of the stories deal with artists, some of whom have had some contact with Horsens over time and all of whom have had an impact on Horsens' afterbeat: Sophus Claussen, Vagn Holmboe, Lars Lilholt, Herman Bang, Mikael Kvium, Bjørn Nørgaard, Steffen Brandt, Søren Ulrik Thomsen, FP Jac and others