The visual circuit of the heart

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Short stories

About the Titan, who goes to the same museum every day and looks at the same painting of "The Burial of Christ" for hours: In the painting, the Titan has seen an insignificant detail that no one else seems to know about, but which is of paramount importance to the message of the painting. About the Sound, who collects sound recordings - all kinds of sounds, big, small, beautiful, cutting, bland - and spends all his time recording, editing and listening to sound just for the sound's sake. About The supporting actor who has played supporting roles all his life, but one day is offered a unique chance to play the lead role in a most bizarre play with only a single audience.

Hjertets sightkreds is a wonderful collection of short stories about various people's attempts to reach the core, the essence, the raw unspoiled material as it is experienced objectively. But can anything be experienced objectively? As you know, everything depends on the eyes that see... Reinholdt's latest work is as crazy as the Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Wonderfully fabulous and inventive. It plays with language and with our imagination; the short stories amaze and confuse. The circle of vision of the heart is both humorous, satirical and incredibly deep. (Helle Bildsøe, Hillbib Blogspot)