The pre-made state

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A portrait of Pia Juul's writing

This book is about a significant – and ambiguous – poet; one should not feel safe when speaking about Pia Juul's authorship, and therefore it is also in good agreement with the authorship that the book sheds light on it from so many angles. It contains a total of 26 contributions, which together form a suitable kaleidoscope.

On her death in 2020, Pia Juul left behind a large and superb authorship quite without equal, which was interrupted in the middle of the process. With this book, we have wanted not only to commemorate her person, but also and not least with the help of many good forces to cross through the authorship - lengthwise and crosswise - to inspire contemporary and future readers to get on board the books and read or reread them with new eyes – or simply read them for the first time, but not the last time.


by Marianne Barlyng and Asger Schnack

by Peter Laugesen

I should die, but I should live
about Pia Juul's voice
by Lilian Munk Rösing

The world of yesterday
about alive and closed and on fire perhaps
by Marianne Stidsen

"It's just to stretch / the leg out with the foot / at the front"
about Done
by Louise Mønster

The structure of the case
about the damage
by Susanne Kemp

Juulerup Ferry town after dark
about A dead man's sneeze : 4 summits
by Lars Bukdahl

Pia Juul's mysterious drama
by Anne Middelboe Christensen

Why do the words mean nothing when the feeling does
if I said, I say
by Marie Silkeberg

dije yo, digo yo
A little story about a translation
by Thomas Boberg

Men tire me. But that 's the only kind of people I like
about gender in Pia Juul's writing
by Camillia Schwartz and Jon Helt Haarder

Because we don't have us
about My terrible face and The time with the dog
by Hans Ulrik Rosengaard

Draft address in full bloom
(in progress)
by Marianne Larsen

At Jammerbugten you wail
Pia Juul's children's and youth literature
by Anna Karlskov Skyggebjerg

In the middle of it all
a little about Pia Juul's poetics
by Morten Søndergaard

Explosive traumas and exploded genres
about Hero in the forest
by Peter Stein Larsen

The murder of Halland
by Merete Pryds Helle

The medium and the memory
about the Radio Theater we broadcast: KOBLENZ
by Dan Ringgaard

The pupil of the camera
The photographer Lærke Posselt's essay about his meeting with the author Pia Juul and about Pia Juul's meeting with the photographer Marianne Engberg
by Lærke Posselt

Off, present
by Naja Marie Aidt

All my hinges
Pia Juul's Danish traditional dialogue
by Erik Skyum-Nielsen

Translator's note
Five notes on the relationship between translation and writing at Pia Juul
by Solveig Daugaard

Nothing is untold
by Niels Frank

Jumping points
about Avuncular - uncle-like lyrics
by Anne-Marie Mai

When the art of the quote becomes the art of the novel
about Easy going and a bit more
by Lilian Munk Rösing

"The dream is dead"
about anger, sadness and longing in Forbi
by Julie Sten-Knudsen

Originating from the stars
about the asterisk in Pia Juul's writing
by Elisabeth Friis