Claus Bøje

The battle for the cultural politics of sport

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More meaning more beauty

The author calls for a fight over the cultural politics of sport. He calls for the will to formulate cultural policy requirements for the development of sport.

But it is not just a question of a want. The texts illuminate from almost every imaginable angle which requirements should be made. They propose new models for the practice of sports. They describe the joy of playing sports. They indicate ways to meet children's needs for physical expression. They make new demands on the architecture of sports. They argue for the importance of sport in a developmental psychological perspective. They call for a physical scale in urban planning. They evaluate sports in relation to art. They criticize the media's infantilisation of sports coverage. They take issue with the notion that sport constitutes a unitary culture. They resent the narrowing of the sport's function as primary spectator entertainment and circuit training. They lament the general absence of an understanding of the connection between body and cognition.

Above all, the texts are a confrontation with the lack of conversation about the many qualities of sport.

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Cover of the week in Politiken's book supplement 20 March 2021