Cat loves Sean

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Poem and photo collection from walks in an Australian cemetery with fictional poems about the people on the gravestones. Through this process, the poet seeks to come to terms with death and show how the reader has the same opportunities. The color photographs show the beauty of decay in a cemetery.

"They don't look after your grave anymore, Charlie (*?-✝?)
those who used to bring flowers have long since disappeared themselves
their children have forgotten who you were
or busy looking after new graves
so better take your place in eternity, my friend
sorry to have to announce
that the party is over
the guests have gone home
it has been more than three quarters of a century
you sat with the hustlers on the terrace
the early summer morning
- the woman in the lavender dress -
and Charlie
you offered her from the case
that was before filter
and before everything
Of course you didn't know that
when you lit your cigarettes
and she later in the same morning sun
let your hand slide down her panties”