The city's conch song

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R. Murray Schafer: Soundscape and acoustic ecology
The city, the sound and the music
Peter Larsen: Urban music - reflections around a hyphen
Michel Chion: The sounds of the city and the music of the city
Søren Schou: Street shouts, car horns and skyscrapers with sound - about putting the big city to music
The city, the sound and the film
Palle Schantz Lauridsen: Film cities and soundscapes
Martin Barnier: Towards the sound of the city - an aesthetic analysis of the sound of the city in the first French talking films
Birger Langkjær: Another world - sound and music strategies in Jacques Tati's Play time
The city and the concert
Michael Eigtved: The rock ritual - reflections on the metropolitan horizon and the concert venue
Catharina Dyrssen: Sound rooms - concert halls - institutions and installations in the city's musical life