The eyes of the ball, the legs of the ram

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Notes along the split(n) paths of sport
Now published in the 2nd edition

Torben Ulrich has for a lifetime contributed to broadening and enriching the perception of the world of sports, primarily as a tennis player, but also in a number of other ways. In recent years, after retiring from active participation in the sporting circuit, he has sought to express his thoughts and experiences from a long life of bodily expression and philosophical studies in a variety of media: Jazz & Poetry, performance/dance theater , film, visual arts and writing (essays and so-called songlines).

The eyes of the ball, the legs of the ram: Notes along the split(n) roads of sport consists of a long newly written essay and a parallel track of song lines. In the book, Torben Ulrich comes for the first time with a unified, albeit multi-vocal, presentation of the subjects that have preoccupied him for several decades: the perspectives for transcending sport's established results-orientation and dichotomy between winners and losers - and not least everything what is really at stake:
When the ball comes...