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A life of music 1969-1979

For Dan Turèll (1946-1993), rock/beat was more than just music. It was a language, a landscape of consciousness, a soundtrack to everyday life, a synthesis of energy and poetry as well as a prism in which the many rays of youth rebellion gathered. Therefore, his music journalism is both about the time in which it was created and about the author himself. Listening to a record can be like listening to your own "nervous system in stereo", it is said somewhere.

The book's 84 texts (about half of which were not previously in book form) together form a vinyl chronicle of the important decade of modern rock/beat music, 1969-79. A period when singing poets such as Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Robert Hunter contributed to leading what was originally a youth culture into a more mature phase. And where Dan Turèll lived through it all, absorbed it and wrote about it, while becoming a writer himself.

" if you yourself are into music, or with Uncle Danny, and if you want to look back at a period in rock history that was both interesting and stagnant, then BEAT is highly recommendable. " Torben Bille, Kulturkapellet.
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