The balance cat

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The balance cat is a collection of philosophical, funny, serious, adventurous, panicky, fabulous and absurd stories that examine life's big questions in different ways.

The collection's 40 texts play with and against each other in their exploration of existential themes such as humour, language, identity, anxiety, body, art, literature, home, work, fashion, loneliness and death.

The book moves across time and space and invites the reader to darkest Africa at the end of the 19th century, into a modern Berlin family with children and to visit an elderly man in Amager. But at the same time, the Balance cat is also a journey into language.

The balance cat balances on the border between the normal and the deviant, the familiar and the magical, the meaningful and the absurd.

"This book is really special (...) in the most positive way. Viggo Bjerring is (...) a highly imaginative writer, one who can stand up to the heavy boys. If you want to be amazed, read Balancekatten; if you want to laugh , read it; if you want to be challenged, yes, read it.
Actually, I just think you should go read it." ★★★★★ Anne Rye Andersson, Modspor.