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The Poetics of the Monkey

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Portrait of Peter Høegh's authorship
Edited by Agnete Bay Harsberg and Lilian Munk Rösing

Aben's poetics tries to capture the two most striking characteristics of Peter Høeg's writing: the criticism of civilization and the imitation of the monkey. On the one hand, the adoration for nature, the women, the children, the monkeys, on the other hand, the imitation of the great writers and thinkers of the Western tradition.
The book consists of 19 articles, each from a different angle of attack trying to unravel some of the threads in the dense intertextual fabric that Peter Høeg's texts make up. Threads that come from specific works, from literary genres, from philosophy, from natural science. But the contributions are not content to point to the other texts that are present in Høeg's authorship; they also consider what quality this obvious interweaving gives to the authorship. World-class original virtuosity, magnificent pastiche or plain plagiarism?