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Henrik Wivel: Tilting the chair
Poul Behrendt: As in a mirror - a stereographic reading
Johs. H. Christensen: The one lying down
Lars Handesten: For an etching by Sys Hindsbo
Jørgen Bonde Jensen: A votive picture - about Dea Trier Mørch's political realism
Tine Bach: Triumph and tragedy - about the Jewish emancipation in Denmark
Annette Fryd: 3 x 1
Frans Gregersen: Notes on Betty and the contested subject
Erik A. Nielsen: The god of hermeneutics
Erik Svendsen: The painter and the hermeneutic
Gunilla Hermansson: Never mind - about a meeting
Sune Auken: The eschatological side view
Marie-Louise Svane: Strøbek's sky
Martin Zerlang: Glowing focus
Jette Lundbo Levy: Adventure in sculpture
Ib Poulsen: On a bicycle with Duchamp
Karin Sanders: Landscape memory - an archaeological photograph
Marianne Barlyng: Detour through the forest