What disappears, I take with me

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Søren Ulrik Thomsen's writing is both for the literary elite and for everyone. After his breakthrough with the poetics My Light Burns in 1985, he has been considered one of the country's most significant poets. His seemingly narrow releases repeatedly attract great reviews and achieve high circulation figures. Each new publication from Thomsen's hand is a literary event in Denmark. And with good reason. His poems combine a high literary level with an immediate appeal, pathos with humor and razor-sharp punchlines with long, winding sentence chains. The imagery of the poems ranges from the meagerly restrained to the dreamy and fabulous, and in their cracks a satirical and utopian consciousness peeks out. They can be grasped immediately, but even after many readings you are not sure that you have got the whole thing - or just half - of it.

What disappears, I take with me is a guide for both the curious reader and the literary expert. The book contains an overall and nuanced interpretation of developments, contexts and tensions from work to work in Søren Ulrik Thomsen's poetry and poetics from City Slang (1981) to The Worst and the Best (2002). Along the way, analyzes of a number of poems unfold, which follow the poems from the smallest sentence parts to their overall meaning. Without compromising on professionalism, the book thus conveys insight into an exciting and complex authorship to all interested parties.

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