The journal SPRING no. 4

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Villy Sørensen: "Point of view on my writing.

Klaus Høeck: "Poem."

Peter Kirkegaard: "Once upon a time there was a war. Remembrance and past articulation in Tage Skou-Hansen's late writing."

Martin Zerlang: "Mayflies and evergreens."

Thorkild Borup Jensen: "Memory - its fiction-creating and cognition-promoting power, a reading of Børge Houmann's Kommunist during the occupation."

Søren Vinterberg: The Viborg boy's revenge. Some observations in Peer Hultberg's 'hectalogy' about hypocrisy, cowardice and snobbery in The City and the World."

Birgitte Rasmussen Hornbek: "Things and memory. Knud Sønderby and the allegory."

Bo Tao Michaëlis: "Time as a set piece. Or the perfect detective in the imperfect."

Rolf Reitan: "Blindness and Hindsight. On Pil Dahlerup's reading of Ved et Tab."

Pil Dahlerup: "David deconstructed. On the literary reading of religious texts. Psalms 139 as an example."

Lotte Thrane: "The staged desire. About lngeborg's letters to Goldschmidt."

Lilian Munk Dahlgreen (now Rösing): "A checkered Faust."

Marianne Ping Huang: "The Faust of the suburbs. About a letter that never arrives."

Niels H. Brønnum: "Regarding receipt of Letter (2)."

Interview: "A kind of rehabilitation in transformation. A conversation with Inger Christensen by Lis Wedell Pape."