The journal SPRING no. 33

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Review department:
Anne Middelboe Christensen
6 pages on 250 years of review

Lilian Munk Rösing
Consumer guidance or critical reflection?

Erik Svendsen
Literary criticism – an endangered species

Mathilde Walther Clark
The reviewer's 11 mistakes

Kristian Himmelstrup
Cucumber time

John Christian Jorgensen
The ability problem

Johannes Riis
Some trends in daily newspaper criticism

Peter Nielsen
Of Confessions of a Pragmatist

Peter Urban-Halle
On the state of literary criticism in Germany

Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg
About a school of critics yet to come

Three views of the Promenade:
Martin Glaz Syrup
The lemming parameter

Mai Misfeldt
Fortunately, you (and I) can read gritty and sensitive poetry as well as both
impressionistic and theoretical criticism of the same on the Promenade

Kamilla Löfström
Notes regarding a literary public

Aftermath of a Feud:
Ib Michael

Lars Bukdahl
Annoyed parenthesis about a parenthetically annoying feud

3 poems:
Goethe – Andersen – Brown